VIDEO: Jon & Kate Relatives Slam Balloon Family, Call For Safeguards

Kate Gosselin’s brother Kevin Kreider and his wife, Jodi, appearing on the CBS Early Show Tuesday, said incidents such as the Balloon Boy fiasco prove there needs to be legal “safeguards put into place” to shield children from being exploited by reality TV.

Balloon Boy’s Mother Mayumi Heene Finally Admits Stunt Was A Hoax

The Heenes publicity stunt “makes it very clear that parents and people will do whatever they can do get on a reality show, kind of thinking that’s a great way for quick fame,” Jodi said.

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The Kreiders, appearing alongside L.A.-based attorney Gloria Allred, said that there are currently no federal law protecting kids in reality shows despite the obvious need. Allred said a campaign to spur such measures is in the works.

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The Kreiders, who had a year-long falling out with Jon and Kate Gosselin over the handling of the children in terms of the TV show, patched things up with Jon this past weekend. Kevin said the eight Gosselin children “haven’t skipped a beat.”

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“It really encouraged the point that we need to help children in all reality shows,” Kevin said. “Our experiences can be useful.”

The couple said they strongly oppose any new reality show featuring the obviously-marketable Gosselin children.

PHOTOS: Jon Gosselin & The Kids Hang Out At The Family Home interviewed the Kreiders back in June when the Gosselins first announced their split; asked what lessons were to be learned from the show, Jodi said that America is witnessing what “the destruction of a family [and] a marriage is like; it’s horrible that this is what people are thinking is entertainment.”

A worldwide audience watched Oct. 15, as the homemade helium balloon soared 7,000 feet over eastern Colorado for just under two hours; it was revealed during the dramatic incident that the boy’s family had gained fame on the ABC reality show Wife Swap. The boy’s mother, Mayumi Heene, told investigators Oct. 17 that her and husband Richard “had lied to authorities,” according to a copy of a search warrant affidavit published in the newspaper The Coloradoan Saturday.

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