STYLE EXCLUSIVE: New Moon’s Dakota Fanning Gets Savvy with Zoe

What do you get when you cross the deadliest weapon of the Twilight Saga‘s Volturi with Hollywood’s Hottest Stylist? Someone definitely says, “I die.”

On Wednesday, New Moon‘s Dakota Fanning and Bravo star Rachel Zoe came together at Nintendo DS’s Style Savvy Boutique in Los Angeles to play and shop the latest trends.

PHOTOS: Dakota Fanning and Rachel Zoe at the Nintendo DS Style Savvy Boutique!

Fanning, preparing for a world promotional tour for the Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart-starring sequel, indulged in Style Savvy, a new game  available on DS and DSi, that let’s you dress characters then get judged on fashion prowess.

Dakota passed with flying colors, and was also eyeing a pair of YSL pumps. She and Zoe chatted about the insane popularity of the Vampire trend, and how it’s influenced several collections for Fall.

VIDEO: Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart’s Steamy New Moon Kiss!

Enjoy these sweet shots of Fanning before watching her as the murderous Jane on November 20!

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