EXCLUSIVE: Lindsay Lohan Refusing Rehab

With Lindsay Lohan‘s behavior becoming ever more erratic, and nights spent out at nightclubs, Lindsay’s close friends, family, and advisers all seem to agree on one thing, the troubled actress needs to go to rehab, but inside sources tell RadarOnline.com, “it’s not even being considered by Lindsay, it’s not even on the cards for her.”

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Lindsay appeared in a Beverly Hills courthouse Friday because of problems with her attendance at her mandatory alcohol awareness classes. “The head of the program really feels that he can help Lindsay, and help her through this disease that seems to have taken over her life,” the insider says.

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And while the head of the program may have the best intentions, those around Lindsay don’t think it will be enough. “We are hopeful that the staff where she is attending her classes will help her, it just doesn’t seem likely that it will be enough,” a source close to Lohan tells us.

EXCLUSIVE: Lindsay To File Restraining Order Against Her Dad

A major source of ongoing angst for Lindsay is her family. “With Michael spouting off to the press, Dina pressuring Lindsay to get a restraining order against her father, it’s a situation that would drive even the most normal of people over the edge. Lindsay just can’t deal with it, and unfortunately her coping mechanism includes alcohol,” the insider tells RadarOnline.com.

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Michael Lohan has made public comments about seeking conservatorship of his daughter, Lindsay is going to see what action he takes if any, before filing the restraining order. “Lindsay is in a very tough place right now. The paperwork is prepared and ready to go, all she has to do is give her attorney the green light. Dina pushed Lindsay to take this action, but at the end of the day, this is a young lady that is very confused, and changes her mind at least 10 times a day,” the friend says.


Lindsay is currently in New York, and the plan is her for stay out of L.A. for as long as Michael is in town.

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