EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Carradine Ex Thinks Death Was Kung Fu Conspiracy

Gail Jensen Carradine tells RadarOnline.com that she believes a decades-old grudge turned conspiracy is responsible for the death of her ex-husband David Carradine.

In an exclusive interview, Jensen maintains that Carradine, while fond of tying himself up, would never intentionally hurt himself. She believes that followers of late action star Bruce Lee had a hand in David’s demise, as well as Chinese mafia group The Tong.

“Everyone in China wanted Bruce Lee to get [the starring role in TV series Kung Fu],” Jensen said, “Bruce Lee didn’t get it. David got it, and David was not a Chinaman.”

The decision to cast Carradine over Lee in the 1970s TV series has been well documented.

Jensen goes on to reference Lee’s notorious “Touch of Death” maneuver, and even insinuates that Bruce’s late son Brandon Lee (The Crow) died under similar suspicious circumstances.

VIDEO:  Jensen’s theories on martial arts star Bruce Lee’s involvement in her ex-husband’s death.

“I think he got in touch with the wrong people, because there’s the Tong and all those people over there,” Jensen said.


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