EXCLUSIVE: “American Chopper” Star: “Kate Gosselin Is Smart and Knows What She Wants”

The muscular, heavily-tattooed founder of Orange County Choppers, Paul Sr. was not exactly familiar with Jon & Kate Plus 8 until the idea of a cross-over episode was first discussed.  “I can’t honestly say I watch the show but I do know it is hugely popular especially with women,” Paul told RadarOnline.com.

The episode features Jon making a trip to OC shop while his chopper was being fabricated.  “The bike we built for him is really one of the nicest ones we’ve ever made,” Paul said, adding that it is valued at an eye-popping $125,000.

The American Chopper guys also built a dainty pink scooter for Kate which they delivered to the Gosselin’s home along with Jon’s chopper.   “She’d never ridden before but she was fascinated by the scooter,” said Paul.  “That woman has a lot of nerve.  She got on that scooter and was fearless. She also went out and rode with me.”

In one unexpected development, Paul ended up spending more time with Kate than with Jon. “In the first five minutes, she threw a few punches at me but once we settled in, we really got on.  Kate’s smart and she knows what she wants,” Paul said.  “She’s a lot like me.”

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