Yesterday, the brains behind Pocketchange, a weekly online newsletter that profiles expensive consumer goods in New York and Los Angeles, hosted a speed dating event in Manhattan with one little twist: All the female participants were self-described “cougars” with over $4 million in liquid assets, while all the men were strapping young bucks under the age of 35. (We actually wrote about the event when the terms were flipped last year.)

There was, predictably, lots of musty tanned New Jersey cleavage, fishnet stockings, and leopard-print skirts; unfortunately, we couldn’t get much footage from the proceedings because most of the women didn’t consent to be taped. Thankfully, one of the male participants—kinda rapey New York Casanova Paul Janka—was not so bashful! His musings on his career, his reputation, and the time some chick came over and had him rate her oral sex skills are above.