The now-popular “News Feed” feature on Facebook, which provides a user with detailed information regarding specific changes to a friend’s profile, wasn’t always such a big hit; the initial response to the feeds was so negative it prompted Mark Zuckerberg to post an apologetic open letter proclaiming, “We really messed this one up.” Which means Zuck and company are probably bracing themselves for reaction to the recently released screenshots of the site redesign.


The big change: a user’s wall, about section, and photos will be accessible via tabs at the top of the screen, meaning you won’t be able to see the entire profile on one screen. Which means you’ll have to click through a profile while browsing to access different content. Which means FACEBOOK IS TOTALLY THE NEW GAWKER. (Kidding! A rep for the company tells Radar that the project is “about making profiles more simple and relevant for users,” and that those who have opinions about the changes may voice them here.)