Back in November, we reported that Jeffrey Epstein, the tacky pervert billionaire accused of sexually assaulting able-bodied, underage girls up and down the Eastern seaboard, opted to take his chances in court rather than cop a plea. Today we bring you the details of the first suit. The complaint, filed by one “Jane Doe,” seeks to extract from Epstein “damages in excess of $50 million,” which actually seems an appropriate payout for having a creepy old dude fondle you with a brightly colored vibrator.


The pertinent facts presented in the complaint (downloadable pdf after the jump): Epstein, “a man of tremendous wealth, power, and influence,” also happens to have a “sexual preference and obsession with underage minor girls.” To satiate this appetite, “he engaged in a plan and scheme in which he gained access to primarily economically disadvantaged minor girls in his home, sexually assaulted them, and then gave them money.” One of these girls, the plaintiff “Jane Doe,” was only 14!

Epstein’s scheme, according to the complaint, is as follows: Haley Robson, a Palm Beach Community College coed, would at Epstein’s behest lure underage girls to his mansion, “ostensibly to give a wealthy man a massage for monetary compensation” but really so that he could touch their private parts and engage in other non age-appropriate behavior with them. Robson wrangled destitute girls because they would be “enticed by the money being offered—generally $200 to $300 per ‘massage’ session—and who were perceived as less likely to complain to authorities or have credibility if allegations of improper conduct were made.” (They were!)

Once inside the mansion, Epstein’s assistant, Sarah Kaplan, it is alleged, would take down the girl’s name and contact info and lead her up a flight of stairs lined with photos of nude women into a bedroom furnished with a massage table. Once the girl was inside, Kaplan would leave and Epstein would enter, wearing only a towel. He would proceed to “remove his towel, lay down naked on the massage table, and direct the girl to remove her clothes. He then would perform one or more lewd, lascivious and sexual acts, including masturbation and touching the girl’s vagina with a vibrator.” For this, Jane Doe received $300 and Robson $200.