You’ll be glad (or pissed) to hear that maybe murderer Drew Peterson has a plan to redeem these extremely trying past few months! As was reported earlier today, and recently confirmed by Fox, Peterson’s lawyers have offered him up as a contestant on the network’s new reality series The Moment of Truth, in which candidates submit to probing personal questions and must tell the truth in order to win cash prizes.


Given that it’s a Fox reality show, one can expect them to readily accept the offer, even though Peterson unceremoniously walked out of an interview with Fox News anchor Shepard Smith last week, claiming he’d been promised he was there to discuss the cancellation of the “Win a Date with Drew” dating game and not the “disappearance” of his wife.

Peterson has by all counts had a bad couple of years. In 2004, his third wife, Kathleen Savio, was found dead in a bathtub. Luckily, the then-49-year-old Drew had the love of then-19-year-old Stacy to comfort him, and they married quickly and had two more kids. Late last year, Stacy disappeared under suspicious circumstances and the police finally started looking into Kathleen’s death. What’s more, his kids still think mommy’s on a ski vacation, many remain convinced he killed Stacy, and lawyers are soaking up what money he has left keeping him out of the long, clammy arms of the law.

The TV appearance, however, is as much about finding himself another lady friend as beefing up his dwindling finances (as evidenced by the strange fact that Drew has denied all past requests by Stacy’s parents to submit to a lie-detector test). As he told WJMK-FM when he agreed to the dating contest, “The ladies are coming back around.” Regular viewers of The Moment of Truth are undoubtedly the perfect self-selected audience of women who would agree to be the fifth wife of an alleged serial wife-killer, because they’re already ridiculous enough to consistently watch The Moment of Truth.