With the naming of 19-year-old Bilawal Bhutto as co-head of his late mother Benazir Bhutto‘s political party in Pakistan, we may be looking at the first world leader to have a Facebook page before entering politics.

Unfortunately, Bilawal’s FB profile (larger image after the jump) doesn’t provide the drunken wall messages and beer-pong pics we crave, but it does offer some insight into the man who just might become the first ever world leader with a Buffy obsession. Not only does he list the vampire slaying classic as one of his favorite TV shows, but in a recent note thanking friends for their support, he writes, “I do the things that students do like make mistakes, eat junk food, watch Buffy, but most importantly of all … learn.”

Though Buffy seems to be his fave, it’s likely Bilawal’s West Wing fandom that will benefit him most. And while we all hope he’ll emerge a peaceful, benevolent leader, an appreciation for the films of Quentin Tarantino doesn’t bode well for Paki pacifists.

While it’s hard to see a silver lining in the death of a young man’s mother, one positive note has arisen from Benazir’s Bhutto’s death: Bilawal’s friend pool has increased by at least 400 percent since her untimely death.