Why is it celebrity environmentalists like Barbra Streisand all seem to think that talking about curbing greenhouse gases gives them a free pass to do just the opposite?

The liberal chanteuse is on tour in England, where, according to the Daily Mail, she has been making unprecedented demands of concert promoters, including five suites containing 60 tables and 120 fresh bath towels per night for her entourage. Streisand herself travels from city to city in a private jet, while her vast staff requires the use of 13 tractor-trailers.

All of which wouldn’t be so hard to take if Streisand weren’t also simultaneously preaching about the growing danger of man-made climate change. Last fall, she even posted this list of “Simple Things We Can All Do to Help Stop Global Warming” on her personal website. Sounds like she’s been taking consistency lessons from Jann Wenner!

Streisand’s spokesman didn’t respond to a message, so we were unable to determine whether all the incandescent lightbulbs in her Gulfstream have been replaced by compact fluorescents.