The saga of imprisoned New York pimp Jason Itzler took another sleazy turn this week when his lawyer, Paul Bergin, was arraigned on charges of operating Itzler’s $500,000-a-month brothel while he was locked up at Rikers Island.

But since that story broke Wednesday, the soundbite-
happy “King of All Pimps” has gone strangely silent.

“I haven’t gotten my daily 90-second call from Jason, which worries me,” says the New York Daily News‘ Joanna Molloy. “I’m worried that they’ve put him in solitary or taken away his phone privileges. The phone is Jason’s air.”

If Itzler has, in fact, been muzzled, the News and the Post will have quite a few inches to fill, judging by this month-by-month tally of Itzler mentions since New York‘s cover story:

NYP, January 19, 2007: Tells Cindy Adams he has a reality show, memoir, “movie starring Jeremy Piven,” and a Broadway musical based on his life.

NYP, January 18, 2007: ‘Pimp’ Lawyer Free

NYDN, January 18, 2007: Celeb Attorney Sachs Called King of the Tarts

NYP, January 17, 2007: Jersey Cops Got Gift of Hookers: DA

NYDN, January 17, 2007: Pimp ‘King’ in Rikers Rumble

NYP, January 13, 2007: Pimp Slaps Betrayal; ‘Greedy#@%ing Lawyer’

NYP, January 12, 2007: ‘Royal’ Pimp’s Regret- ‘I Know it’s Wrong’

NYDN, January 12, 2007: Pimp King a New Man. Love Den Boss Sorry About Doing ‘Wrong’

NYP, January 11, 2007: All Rise! Lawyer ‘Pimped’- Ran a Brothel For Busted Client: DA

NYDN, January 11, 2007: Top Lawyer’s Really a ‘Disgraceful’ Pimp, Sez DA

NYP, January 8, 2007: Pimp Has Stars in his Eyes

NYP, Dec. 27, 2006: (quoted in): Freed Felon has ‘Star Power’

NYP, Aug. 23, 2006: Pimp My Book

NYDN, Aug. 17, 2006: (mentions movie deal with Jeremy Piven set to play Itzler)

NYP, July 24, 2006: Pimp Denied

NYP, July 18, 2006: Cellblock Pals

NYP, July 30, 2006: Whore-ible Day in Court for ‘King of All Pimps’

NYDN, June 30, 2006: Guilty, Says New York’s ‘Pimp’ King

NYDN, June 19, 2006: Pimp ‘King’ to Alleged Madam: Tell the Truth

NYDN, May 30, 2006: Jailed Pimp Hopes to Lock Up Film Deal

NYDN, May 25, 2006: Jailbird Puts a Sheen on his Image

NYP, May 10, 2006: Jailed Pimp Tattles on Sheen

NYDN, December 2, 2005: John-nies on the Spot

NYP, Nov. 6, 2005: Referred to as “publicity-hound pimp” in Page Six

NYP, Oct. 31. 2005: Pimp’s Prince Speaks- Exposes $ex Saga

NYP, Sept. 30, 2005: Hooker Gets the Heave-Ho-Sobs on Way to Lockup

NYDN, Sept. 30, 2005: It’s Prostitut-a-Loo

NYP, Sept. 25, 2005: Pimp Biopic

NYP, Sept. 5, 2005: Itzler calls Page Six to tell them he broke off his engagement with his fiancé, who was also his top-earning hooker.

NYP, July 31, 2005: N.Y’s Number 1 ‘Hooker’ Busted

NYP, July 20, 2005: ‘No. 1 Escort’ Gave Freebies on the Sly