Cosmetic dentistry: features

Today, cosmetic dentistry is a set of different methods that are aimed at improving the teeth. This type of dentistry is very popular among patients at dental clinics. Cosmetic dentistry ? is about creating and restoring the aesthetics of the smile, in a variety of ways.

Features of the procedure

In aesthetic dentistry, specialists use a large number of options and tools that help them perform restorations to restore the natural shape of the teeth.

The benefits of cosmetic dentistry are:

  • restoration;
  • reconstruction;
  • alignment.

In the process of restoration, chipping and inaccuracies are eliminated. The greatest attention is paid to the aesthetics of the front teeth, taking into account the fact that they are the most visible to others during communication.

Reconstruction is based on restoring all or part of the lost tooth to match the patient’s molars.

The restoration procedure is used in situations where there is a need to correct the shape. In places where a tooth is placed, a prosthetic procedure is sometimes provided for.

The benefits of the dental restoration procedure:

  • the patient gets a beautiful smile;
  • aesthetic effect;
  • professional restoration of the natural state of the dentition;
  • Due to the presence of quality anesthesia in dentistry, the restoration procedure for the patient is painless, and without a feeling of discomfort;
  • There are a large number of methods (crowns, veneers, artistic restorations), each patient, the dentist will help you choose the desired method.

Where is the best place to go for restoration and restoration procedures?

The Dental Concierge is a modern, highly specialized implant and cosmetic dentistry clinic. It is headquartered in Cancun, Mexico. Its dentists have undergone specialized training at the best universities in the United States. The professionalism of the team lies in their expertise, use of modern technology, and more than 50 years of combined experience to provide their patients with advanced cosmetic, and implant dentistry.

The clinic specializes in:

  • implantology;
  • complete restoration of the dental cavity;
  • aesthetic dentistry;
  • All-On-4 service. This procedure involves fixed dentures that are attached to the patient’s 4 dental implants.

Benefits of The Dental Concierge:

  • thousands of satisfied customers;
  • only modern methods of treatment, according to medical protocol;
  • experienced and certified generalists;
  • the use of high-tech equipment;
  • quality service and affordable price.

The Dental Concierge, a dental clinic that can give everyone an esthetic and beautiful smile.