Comparison Of The Best Voice Assistants

Voice assistants are all the rage among mobile phone consumers, the number of which is increasing dramatically as the years go by. The Internet boom and the rise of new technologies have made people’s lives easier and this instrument perfectly demonstrates that by talking to your phones you can get a service quickly.

The five best voice assistants today

According to recent studies reveal, the most used voice assistant is the iPhone Siri, which is considered the true queen of the market. For this reason, Android phones from many large companies such as Google or Microsoft are struggling to make their voice assistants have equal charisma. Here we introduce you to the most important or popular:

Google Now

Google is one of the most important companies in the world and therefore also wants its assistant to be the best. Among the many products it offers, Google Now stands out, it is an intelligent personal assistant developed by the American company that is available within the Google Search mobile application for Android operating systems.

Google Now uses a natural language user interface to answer questions, make recommendations, and take action by delegating requests to a set of web services. Along with responding to user-initiated queries, Google now passively provides information to the user that predicts what they will want, based on their search habits.


Cortana is the virtual assistant developed by Microsoft and is one of the most consolidated in the market. It differs from Google Now and Siri in that it is the first virtual assistant that includes a Notebook, where Cortana stores all the information it has about the user, their interests, routines, etc. In this way, the information that the system has about the user is easily controllable, being able to erase all traces or purposely enter their tastes and others to improve the service. It is also the first assistant that allows developers to integrate with it, allowing them to use their applications by voice.

This is the voice assistant of Spanish nationality. In the mouth of its CEO, Xabi Uribe-Etxebarría: “Sherpa is not just a servant who obeys orders and answers questions you may ask. Sherpa goes one step further, learns from you and is capable of predicting and anticipating your needs ”. This sums up all the characteristics of a virtual assistant who wants to make a place for himself in the world.


Bixby is another of the recognized voice assistants and this has achieved great fame for being developed especially for Samsung mobiles. Bixby makes your phone more useful: it helps you get things done, tells you what you’re watching, learns from your habits, and remembers what to do.


This voice assistant for Android mobiles has received very good reviews since its creation and, moreover, many consider it to be at the level of Google Now and Siri. This has an incredible processing speed and response that distinguishes it from the rest for its great performance. In addition, it has greater intelligence when it comes to understanding and processing the user’s voice commands, achieving much faster and more correct response results.

These are the best voice assistants you can have for your mobile phone.