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SailPoint Compass Community

Join SailPoint’s Compass Community for product updates and announcements, product discussions boards, expert support, documentation and resources, and much.

SailPoint Developer Community

The SailPoint Developer Community has everything you need to build, extend, and automate scalable identity solutions.

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The mission of the SailPoint Developer Community is to decrease the time-to-value for developers building integrations with SailPoint Products.

Available Event Triggers | SailPoint Developer Community

Set Identity’s Password – SailPoint Developer Community

This API is used to set a password for an identity. An identity can change their own password if they use a token generated by their IDN user, such as a …

Non-Employee Lifecycle Management

SailPoint is not responsible for storing sensitive data. You may only add account attributes to non-employee identities that are necessary for business …

create-provisioning-policy – SailPoint Developer Community

This API generates a create policy/template based on field value transforms. This API is intended for use when setting up JDBC Provisioning type sources, but it …

IdentityNow – SailPoint Developer Community

V3 APIs – SailPoint Developer Community

We encourage you to join the SailPoint Developer Community forum at to connect with other developers using our APIs.

Welcome to – SailPoint Compass Community

Description: Community Sail Point. Join SailPoint’s Compass Community for product updates and announcements, product discussions boards, expert support,.

Krishna Reddy Mummadi on LinkedIn: SailPoint Compass Community

TechTalk #IAM #identityaccessmanagement #security #sailpoint #identityiq 4. SailPoint IIQ Introduction –> SailPoint IdentityIQ (IIQ) is an On-prem tool…

SailPoint IdentityNow AuditEvent Add-on – Splunkbase

Documentation is available to SailPoint community members here: Along with the audit information, …

How to Configure SailPoint IdentityNow Integration – BeyondTrust

For more information, please see IdentityNow for BeyondTrust Password Safe at …

Sailpoint plugin for Domain Separated Instance – ServiceNow

SailPoint IdentityNow – RSA Ready SecurID Access Implementation …