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The late comedian Charlie Murphy in one of his stand up specials poked fun at the fact that black people are the only people who borrow names from different cultures. He ended the punchline by saying that somewhere out there in the world there is probably a black boy named Jose (a traditionally Mexican name) Johnson. However that does not mean that there are no unique black names. Here are 30 unique black girl names for 2020.

1. Diandra

A derivative of the Roman name Diana, Diandra as a name has French origins. In french, the word Diandra means divine. The aforementioned ancient Roman iteration of the Diana name meant beauty and swiftness, with Diana often being associated with huntresses. Black girls have taken the name Diandra.

2. Jasmine

The name Jasmine is one that is supposed to be indicative of beauty. This name of Persian and Arabic origin is derived from the Jasmine plant. The popularity of the Disney Aladdin franchise can also be seen as an inspiration for black girls to be given the name Jasmine.

3. Imani

Keeping true to African origins, Imani is a Swahili name. It is a name that simply means faith in the aforementioned language. Black parents have actually taken to the name, choosing to merge religious overtones with African heritage.

4. Tanisha

In Sanskrit, the name Tanisha means ambition. Therefore it is no surprise that black parents would research and commission such a name for their daughters. This is in the hopes that the child will rise with ambition and work towards her goals.

5. Kashima

Kashima is a Japanese deity who plays a major role in the folklore of the country. While the deity in question is male, black parents have commissioned the name for their daughters. Perhaps named after the aforementioned deity, Kashima is also the name given to many places in Japan.

6. Alexis

A derivative of the Greek name Alexander, the name Alexis is one that is sometimes given to black girls. A female version of Alexander the Great, Alexis is thought to be strong and helpful. Like the former, Alexis is supposed to be a great leader.

7. Rihana

Perhaps popularised by the Barbadian born singer, the name Rhianna has in fact seen a surge in popularity. However it is a name used mostly for black daughters. Pop star aside, the name Rhianna means Great Queen and is of irish origin.

8. Raven

This is an Old-English name that is obviously in reference to the iconic bird. Raven is used sometimes by black parents for their daughters. The bird aside, Raven can also be used to describe someone with dark hair, or someone who is wise as the aforementioned bird is often depicted as such in folklore.

9. Aniyah

This name of Polish and Hebrew origin can be translated as ‘God was gracious.’ It is often synonymous with Christian centric black parents who decide to give their daughter that name in an effort to afford her some semblance of blessing.

10. Kenisha

While a name used for black girls, the name Kenisha means many things in many languages. The most popular of these are the french meaning of ‘beautiful woman’ and the English meaning of ‘royal obligation.’

11. Kiara

The name Kiara has different meanings in different languages, but most of these meanings intertwine. In italian it is derived to mean ‘bright.’ In Korea it can be said to mean ‘first ray of sun.’

12. Destiny

In keeping with the tradition of giving black girls names with purpose and meaning, the name Destiny is self explanatory. It simply means pre existing path. The word is of Latin origin, meaning simply ‘to determine.’

13. Kayla

The name Kayla is of Arabic and Hebrew origin. It can be loosely translated to mean laurel or crown. While not very popular in the wider world, the name has found some foundation within Caribbean households.

14. Mona

The interesting thing about the name Mona is that it is of Gaelic and Irish origin. In this context, the name means aristocratic or noble. Mona can also be considered a shortened form of the Italian name Madonna, which was used primarily as a reference to noblewomen during the Renaissance era.

15. Tiana

Going back to names with religious overtones, the name Tiana is of Latin origin and can be loosely translated to mean ‘follower of Christ.” While the name was popular in the 20th century, it saw a significant decrease around the mid 90’s.

16. Layla

One of the greatest contributors to the black culture came from the ‘Greatest of all Time’ the late Muhamed Ali. His daughter Laila Ali followed in his footsteps as she became a female boxer. This may have been the inspiration for the adaptation of this Scandanavian name which means ‘night.’

17. Ebony

Ebony is usually regulated to the color. Often synonymous with the piano and keyboard keys, there are many reasons why black parents choose to call their daughters Ebony. However the hard black wood of the same name may stand as a strong symbol of ethnicity.

18. China

The influence of the far east Asian country has been felt all across the world with the advent of globalization. However what many do not know is the fact that many black daughters have also been touched by the oriental influence as they are named after the country.

19. Fabulous

Another name that is very on the nose, the name fabulous is quite self explanatory. Black parents choose to call their daughters Fabulous to emphasize the joy that they feel at seeing such beautiful little girls born.

20. Althea

This one is quite interesting. The name Althea is of Greek origin and is said to mean wholesome or good. It is a reference to the Althaia, which is the Greek name for a marshmallow plant reported to have healing powers which grew in popularity around the 17th century.

21. Alicia

The name Alicia is derived from the name Alice, which itself is a variant of the German name Adelaide. This German name can be loosely translated to mean ‘of nobility’ or ‘noble natured.’

22. Toni-Ann

There are two possible origins for this Caribbean centric name. The English variant is said to mean ‘caring and loving.’ However some purport the name Toni-Ann to be of Hebrew origin where it is said to mean ‘worthy to be praised.’

23. Kerry-Ann

Another name that sees its popularity in the Caribbean but not necessarily in the rest of the world, the name Kerry-Ann is of Irish origin. The Irish meaning of the name is said to be ‘dark haired.’

24. Dorcas

Admittedly, this one is hardly used in today’s society which gives the name a sense of rarity. Dorcas is a name of Greek and Biblical origins. It can be loosely translated to mean ‘famous bearer.’

25. Thedicia

While there is no official roots established for this name, many purport that it has a Greek or Roman overtone. The name evokes some semblance of directness, reservation and generosity. It is truly a unique name for black girls.

26. Cliana

This unique name is often used to describe someone who is balanced or otherwise at peace. Cliana is often calm and level headed, traits that translate well to the business world.

27. Tamia

This name has Indian and French origins. In India, it can be seen to mean ‘date palm’ or ‘ruler.’ The french variation of the name can be loosely translated to ‘thunder.’

28. Tashel

The name Tashel can be seen to mean ‘God fearing.’ However it can also be seen to mean ‘one who controls or influences.’ Both variations of the name have Christian centric overtones.

29. Shanay

The name Shanay is of Yiddish origin and simply means ‘beautiful.’ It is a popular name in the Caribbean, however its rarity comes out when you consider the rest of the world

30. Kameika

This unique name means an abundance in spirituality, fortune and health. It also speaks to versatility and creativity. The name is quite rare, but is usually relegated to Christian centric families.


It’s a matter of immense joy when you are naming your baby girl and you want to give her the best black girl name. We did a lot of research to come up with the best black baby girl names out of which some are unique black girl names and others are cute baby black names. Whichever appeals to you the most, go ahead and name your baby.