Bitcoins vs. Dogecoins: Which one is better?

Today’s world sits up and gets down with memes all around the place, starting from social media to actual life events. Hence, being a part of the vicious cycle, you must be aware of these funny materials going viral all over the internet to keep people laughing and enjoying throughout the time. However, have you ever imagined how it might feel to earn a hefty sum from the same fun materials available on almost every social media platform? If not, it is high time to give it a shot by investing in Dogecoins. Dogecoins are a Cryptocurrency that deals with memes and are also popularly known as meme coins. Though cryptocurrency Dogecoin is known as a meme coin it has a significant role in crypto investment and a lot of people are now buying this crypto as it started increasing in value in recent years. If the market rises, those who are prepared to take on the dangers could be rewarded with gains, so check out before investing in cryptocurrencies.

However, taking active steps in crypto puts you in a random dilemma where you get confused between two of the most trending cryptos of these times, bitcoins and Dogecoins. Yes, both names sound familiar to you now. However, if you are confused about which to settle for in the first place, then go through the following article to get the updates. 

Which crypto to settle for, Dogecoin or Bitcoin?

If you are wondering which Cryptocurrency to settle for between Dogecoin and Bitcoin, you have finally landed on the right page. The following updates on the same will ease your process of choosing the most suitable one among these two cryptos.

  • Working principle:

Bitcoins are digital files saved in a virtual “wallet” on your computer or phone. It has a Blockchain base which is an online ledger that saves your transactional data when you send or receive bitcoin to and from others. 

On the other hand, Dogecoin employs the Scrypt hashing algorithm, which is more straightforward than the algorithm used by Bitcoin. It works on a “proof-of-work” method that accepts work from other networks allowing other scripted methods. Dogecoin mining uses less power than Bitcoin mining because it uses the SHA-256 algorithm.

  • Market Cap:

The total value of all Bitcoins and Dogecoins in circulation, known as market capitalization, currently varies widely. Bitcoin is listed as the most valuable Cryptocurrency and Dogecoin as the tenth by the experts. However, due to the tendency of traders to buy and sell mostly the most popular cryptocurrencies, the trading volume drops off sharply for those ranked below 20th. Both Bitcoin and Dogecoin are popular among traders, but Bitcoin is the one that has caught on more with the mainstream. Moreover, bitcoin’s easy access has been winning hearts for a long time, which is also a significant reason behind its vast market share. 

  • Issuing of cryptocurrencies:

An interesting thing to note about Cryptocurrency is how many coins can be issued for each one. Many traders have chosen to go with Bitcoin because there’s a hard limit on how many can be made- approximately 21 million. However, if enough funds keep flowing into Bitcoin and its demand rises, this fixed limit will drive the price up over time. While this might be good for traders, it’ll make Bitcoin even harder to use as an actual currency. On the other hand, Dogecoin’s production is unlimited, which is part of the joke. The endless supply of Dogecoin in the market has also given it better stability than any other coin. 

  • Speed and other related factors:

While considering all the areas of differences between Bitcoin and Dogecoin, one vital point is their transaction speed. Bitcoin’s Achilles heel is its comparative block creation time, around five transactions per second. Bitcoin is not competitive with traditional payment methods yet.

Bitcoin transactions are slow because they must go through a process of being verified and added to the Blockchain. This process is called mining, wherein the miners’ computers solve cryptographic puzzles to validate users’ transactions and produce more bitcoins. Those new bitcoins after successful mining are actually generated as rewards for their work. The crypto world has criticized this proof-of-work mechanism as being slower and more expensive in transaction processing.


Considering all the above options, you can easily say that Bitcoin is way better than Dogecoin in several aspects, but Dogecoin’s unlimited supply somewhere overlaps Bitcoins’ ultimate facilities even. Thus, it is advisable to be wise during your selection.