Bill Nye Biography: Age, Wife (Blair Tindall), Kids, Career & Net Worth in 2021

Celebrated Name: Bill Nye
Real Name/Full Name: William Sanford Nye
Parents: Father – Edwin D. Nye
Mother – Jacqueline Jenkins-Nye
Age: 66 years old
Birth Date: 27 November 1955
Dead or Alive: He is Alive and Kicking, Not Dead.
Birthplace: Washington, D.C., United States
Education: Cornell University (1977), Sidwell Friends School (1973)
Nationality: American
Ethnicity: Mixed (English, French, Welsh, Irish)
Religion: Believe in God
Height: In centimeters – 185 cm
In meters – 1.85 m
In Feet Inches – 6? 1?
Weight: In Kilograms – 72 kg
In lbs – 159 lbs
Body Type: Average
Famous For: Best known for hosting the television program Bill Nye the Science Guy.
Profession: American science communicator, television presenter, and mechanical engineer
Net Worth in 2021: $10 Million
Last Updated: 29th November 2021

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Relationship Statistics

Marital status: Is he married/divorced/single or in a relationship? Divorced
Does he have any relationship affair? No
Who is he Dating in 2021? Name of Girlfriend: N/A
Is Bill Nye Gay? No
Who is his Partner? N/A
Who is his current wife in 2021? (Name) N/A
Who is his Ex-Spouse(s)?? (Name) Blair Tindall
m. 2006–2006
Does he have any children? Yes – 1 Daughter (Charity Nye)

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