8 Best Indoor Tanning Lotions in 2022 [Our Top Picks for July]

Tanning as a process is very easy when you can just soak the sun outside, but the real challenge comes when you want to do it indoors. If you wish to get tanned indoors then you need an indoor tanning lotion which can act as a catalyst towards to process of getting bronzed. We have compiled a list of 8 best indoor tanning lotions that are great to be applied on different skin types. 

What is the best tanning bed lotion?

Tanning bed lotions are of two types Tingle and Bronzer. Tingle products contains blood flow stimulating ingredients in it. Whereas, bronzer lotion contains DHA, which produces a golden tan on the skin. Both types contain hydrating components designed for soft skin. If you are a fair skinned person then you can be more specific and pick one of the tanning lotions for fair skin. 

But the best tanning bed lotion is a bronzer based product, namely – Millenium Tanning Solid Black Bronzer Tanning Bed Lotion. This product is designed with auto-darkening tan formula. This silicone based bronzer and tan enhancer has orchid blush odour. Since the product is made of extreme bronzing components, it is not suitable for beginners. 

Why would you use a tanning lotion indoors?

Why would you use a tanning lotion indoors

  • It will keep your skin hydrated and healthy Tanning removes all the moisture from the skin, leaving it dry. So, make sure to apply a suitable tanning lotion on your body before doing the indoor tanning. 
  • It slows skin aging and leaves you with a beautiful tan Certain luxury tanning lotions contain skin e hanging ingredients. Such indoor tanning products give you a smoother, younger, and beautiful skin. So, try to choose the one containing good amount of Vitamins and other necessary compounds in it. It is even better if the product is free from gluten and paraben preservatives. 
  • It reduces burning sensation Tanning produces extreme burning sensation which may not be bearable for all skin types. Applying tanning lotion helps to reduce the skin burn to a bearable extent. Also, tanning lotions quickens the whole tanning procedure. So, you won’t have to spend longer in tanning bed with least chances of burning. 
  • It is soothing Generally, in doing tanning bed, it might get warmer than normal. But, certain tanning lotions contain cooling agents in them. So, you get a slight cool and soothing sensation while doing the tan. 

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 The Best Indoor Tanning Lotions of 2022

1. Millennium Tanning Products Dark Tanning Lotion, 100x, 13.5 Fl Oz 

This super advanced dark tanning product contains silicone bronzer. It is developed with auto skin darkening formula. 

This luxury product gives intense dark tan effect. It is a blend of ultra hydrants and extreme bronzer to give you instant dark tanning tone. So far, no other item has been in competition with this product. 


  • Mild orchid blush fragrance
  • Good tan enhancer and silicone bronzer
  • Good for outdoor tanning as well
  • Can use it on face


  • It is streaky
  • Some consumers rated it low, mentioning about the product fragrance and overall tanning results 

2. Millennium Tanning Paint It Black 50X,13.5 Oz

One of the top ranking tanning products available in the market. The product is designed with 50X tanning formula which is responsible for intense dark tan. It is good for skin and leaves a silky, smooth skin texture after the tanning session. Lastly, it maintains your skin moisture all day long. 

Its basic ingredients include extracts of- green tea, caramel, white birch bark, fruits, sunflower seeds, and caffeine, hemp seed oil and other healthy elements. 

The product package is very convenient to use. You can pour out even the last drop of the lotion from it.  


  • The lotion has sober smell
  • It is recommended for all skin types, especially for sensitive skin 
  • The product gives smooth and soft skin texture 
  • It is available at affordable price


  • Avoid keeping the container in cold places. Else, the lotion will get saturated and will result in uneven tan results. So, make sure to shake the container well before using.
  • The lotion contains cosmetic preservatives, namely, parabens (cause skin allergies, rashes, burning, etc.)

3. Tan Asz U Luau Island Black Bronzer, 13.5 Ounce tanning bed lotion

This produces paradise level tanned skin tone. The Hawaiian butters and fruits extracts conditions your skin with an attractive tan texture. Added to that. The lotion contains natural bronzers, DHA and cosmetic bronzers.


  • It is a sober odour of coconut lime verbena
  • Gives a deeper tanning effect
  • It does not streak your skin 
  • Provide instant, dark tan in two weeks (as per users’ experiences)
  • Softens your skin texture


  • Some customers reported the product didn’t work out to the expectation. 

4. Ed Hardy Tanista Indoor Tanning Bed Lotion Bronzer w/ Tattoo Protection 13.5 Oz

Unlike the other Ed Hardy tan products this lotion has bronzing ingredients. It is an auto skin enhancer that brings about a natural looking amazingly dark appearance on your skin. It is developed with BB technology to correct and nourish your skin. 

The lotion is made of the following ingredients melanobronze and quad tyrosine. Both these agents raise the melanin level of your skin for uniform tanning and healthy skin appearance.


  • Enhances melanin production 
  • Gives cleaner, even toned and youthful appearance to your skin
  • Prevents causing redness of skin
  • Anti-tattoo lightening lotion and is non-streaky 
  • Leaves a velvet smooth skin after tanning


  • Not applicable on face
  • Very strong pungent smell

5. Maui Babe – Tanning Salon Formula 8oz

This is specifically developed for tanning bed salon. It gives hydrated and soothing sensation to your skin. This lotion is particularly recommended to the advanced tanners who prefer deep root tanning effects. Plus, the product gets its colour from coffee plant extracts, which gives it a sweet fragrance.


  • Gives a beautiful colour leaving a smooth skin texture
  • Smells good
  • Only for indoor bed tanning
  • Protects skin from burning sensation


  • It does not have any mineral oils.
  • Most users have reported the greasiness of the lotion.

6. Ed Hardy Coconut Kisses Skin Softening Golden Indoor UV Bed Tanning Lotion

If you are looking for tropical tan production with a mild fragrance, then this is it. The coconut stuff of this tan lotion works as a moisturizer, which is a must for your skin. The ingredients of this product also work to soften your skin texture. 

It is one of the best bed tanning intensifiers you will ever find. The product is free from bronzing agents. It contains melanobronze and quad tyrosine to stimulate melanin production and quicken the tanning procedure. Added to that is melactiva to give a darker and long lasting tan effect.

The lotion also contains nouritan to boost the effect of tyrosine on your skin and give even skin tan. 


  • Diminishes the effect of cellulite through tanning
  • Tightens the skin texture
  • Very good tattoo protecting lotion
  • Has mild fragrance of coconut


  • It is not a cruelty free product
  • Some users reported the product to be not so good for getting darker skin colour 
  • Not for outdoor tanning and so doesn’t contain SPF

7. Australian Gold, Cheeky Brown Accelerator Dark Natural Bronzers

This deep tanning accelerator cum bronzer is developed with cheeky brown technology blend with natural bronzers. That is what gives instant tanned tone to your skin. 

The product mainly contains native Australian oil extracts. Also, it has aloe vera, Vitamin E and A to form a skin moisturizing formula and ensure better tanning experience. Lastly, it has the fragrance of Cocoadreams 8.5 oz.


  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor tanning
  • Powerful antioxidant lotion for beautiful skin
  • It is non-streaky


  • It has no SPF
  • Not meant for facial application 
  • According to certain users, the product is not that fast to produce the tanned colour on skin

8. Indoor Tanning Lotion with Bronzer for Indoor Tanning Beds – Dark Tan Accelerator and Pro Tan Lotion 

This product contains the best bronzing agents. This luxury indoor tanning item serves the highest skin tanning quality. Apollo and Artemis elements along with suitable bronzer gives you deep root, instant tan results. 

This premium luxury silicone product is suitable for outdoor, indoor, beach and for more. With the power of coconut and argan oil, and agave extracts, you can expect an exceptional tanned tone on your skin. 


  • Saves your time with instant tanning effect
  • Leaves a velvety, smooth skin texture
  • The lotion is shower proof and lasts longer 
  • Contains anti-tattoo fading ingredients 
  • Top level skin moisturizer 
  • Paraben free vegan product
  • Affordable tanning lotion


  • Some consumers complained that the lotion gets saturated when kept undisturbed. So, make sure to shake the container well before applying it.

What types of indoor tanning lotions are there?

There are mainly three types of indoor tanning lotions 

  • Intensifier or Accelerator 

Accelerator is the type of tanning lotion which is suitable for beginners. It is designed in a way to suit sensitive skin types. Some accelerators act as good anti-aging products for containing ingredients like CoQ10. Accelerators are DHA free with no added colour. Lastly, this type of tan lotions have peptides and tyrosine to stimulate melanin level of your skin. 

  • Bronzer

Currently, the top indoor tanning lotion in the market list is a bronzer based lotion. You can use it for outdoor tanning as well, as it contains DHA to protect your skin from UV rays. Bronzer tanning effect lasts for about 12 hours from the time after tanning session.  

  • Natural Bronzer

This type of tanning lotion contains colouring agent to produce immediate tan complexion. This prevents the tan from getting intensified just after doing the tan.

Other types of tanning products include:–

  • Tingle

This is the product which is usually recommended to the advanced tanners. This type of tanning lotion will produce instant darkest tan. Melanin of your skin will rise the quickest with tingle based tan product. This indoor tanning lotion will instantly work turning your skin quite red with irritable sensation. It will take a few hours for the redness to fade away. You may also get an itchy feeling during these hours. For best tanning results, combine the tingle lotion with a good bronzer.

Make sure to keep this type of product out of children’s reach. Also, before coming in contact with any minor member of your family, rinse off well. 

  • Blush

If you are looking to get that “off the beach” look on your skin, then this lotion is what you need.

  • Warmer

As the name implies, this lotion produces warming sensation. The warming agent of this lotion help you to get a deeper tan. Moreover, it hydrates your skin at a time. This type of tanning product is generally effective for evening out skin shade. 

  • Cocktail

This type of tanning lotion is free from silicon. It is especially suggested for those who prefer UV sessions by using tan spray. 

  • Facial Tanners

Your facial skin is thinner and more sensitive than your body skin. Furthermore, the face always tans faster than it does on the rest of your body. So, make sure to apply a good facial tanner to get an even tan. Cocktail tanning lotion is basically non-comedogenic, mild, and act as an anti-wrinkling product.

How does it work?

A tanning lotion consists of various ingredients that are responsible for giving you that tanned look. They can either be in certain ratios or mixed such that each gives a tanned look for different skin types. 


  • Intensifies the UV radiations to speed up the tanning procedure
  • Secures your skin from extreme burning sensation
  • Your skin colour keeps on evolving just after the tanning session


  • Works with the natural amino acids of your skin to deepen the skin tan
  • Stimulates melanin rise of your skin
  • Keeps the skin hydrated to intensify your skin appearance

Natural Bronzer

  • Provides instant colouring effect to the skin 
  • Produces fast tanning result without staining or streaking the skin with uneven tone

Other tanning lotions 

  • Generates tingling or cooling effect
  • Stimulates the effect of UV light 
  • Boosts up melanin production, thereby quickening the tan effect on your skin
  • Moisturizes the skin to ensure even tanning tone

How to prepare yourself for Indoor tanning session?


Begin by cleansing your skin. To reap the maximum benefits of your tanning lotion, you want to exfoliate your skin such that it can absorb the ingredients for better results. You can do this by some way at your home or visit a salon. The process of exfoliation makes it much better to just get rid of the dead skin thus preparing your skin for the main session. 

Prepare ahead of time. Now if you are tanning for an occasion then you need to start with the preparation a bit ahead of the time. The simple reason is that tanning takes few weeks time to see visible results. Also make sure to keep a time distance of 2 days between each tanning session, this will allow your skin to adapt and absorb the lotion easily. 

Don’t shower after your tanning. Once you have done your tanning session. Do not take a shower for the next 3 hours. Also keep a towel handy because any lotion that has bronzers will come off your skin. 

Do not make movements. If you want your tan to get on your skin faster and in a more even way then make sure you don’t do a lot of body movements. If you are in a bed, stay flat and if you are at a good salon, you can even stand there. 

Apple tan extenders if required. You can use tan extenders if necessary since a lot of tanning lotions may fade off faster and not stay off until a month.


Now that you have the complete idea of Indoor tanning lotion, it’s time to take action. Go Ahead and prepare yourself for that wonderful tan and get ready to click a lot of pictures and get compliments from people around you. And if you are a man, then check out the tanning lotions made for men.