10 Best Electric Shavers for Head in 2020 (REVIEWED)

To be able to shave your head in the best possible manner, it takes a great deal of time and experience to get comfortable moving a razor along your scalp. What’s more, it is quite difficult to see and reach the area even when you are in front of the mirrors.

To be precise, it is a bit difficult to get the perfect shave unless you have the right type of shaver for the task. For those who aren’t specifically coordinated, using a manual or straight razor can be horrible. On the other hand, as standard electric shavers would be jammed by long and thick hair, they aren’t the ideal one to be used to shave your head.

It is worth noting here that modern-day personal grooming has attained exhilarating heights because of the advent of technology. Nowadays, it is quite common to witness an endless choice of shaving products than ever before. Thus it is imperative to be selective as careful when you are opting for the best electric shaver for your head.

Finding the best electric shaver for head is quite crucial as you would use it time and again. Let’s take a look at some of the top electric head shavers you can avail nowadays.

1. Wahl Professional 5 Star Series Finale Finishing Tool

Are you planning to add a specialized hair cutting tool in your set? For precision cutting and getting correct trimming of the hair, this finishing tool can be the safest option. It enables close cuts and helps run your hands smoothly for cutting.

With extended battery life, it is perfect for professionals.  For smooth cutting finish and efficient work results, this is the one to invest for. The hypoallergenic foil sets this product apart from the rest as it is made from less reactive metal items. Installed with a rotary motor, it is powerful to use and soft on your skin. No wonder, considering all the qualities this tool has, we recommend it as the best electric razor for bald heads in 2020.


  • It has hypoallergenic foils making it perfect for a sensitive person to use

  • It does not result in skin irritation

  • It offers a long battery life of 90 minutes

  • It is a good option for professionals


  • Gold foils tend to get damaged when not used frequently

2. Skull Shaver Palm 3 Head Electric Razor

If you are planning to invest in a safe and easy-to-use electric razor, the above said can be the perfect pick in budget. For beginners, this is easy to clean with hypoallergenic blades that prevent skin irritation problems. Adding to reviews, the razor is installed with CR3 water resistant blades that enable using it both in wet and dry purposes with foam.

It is designed for comfortable usage and easy grip, making it perfect for beginners. Installed with a lithium-ion battery, it enables quick charge with facility of cordless use. Moreover, the LED indicator helps understand when the machine is plugged in and ready to be used when on shave mode.


  • It has solid construction and considered among quality device

  • Ease of accessibility coupled with comfort grip and water resistant body

  • A feature packed one for beginners


  • It has no extraordinary features

3. Skull Shaver Pitbull Platinum PRO Electric Razor – Wet/Dry

Looking for an innovative option of electric razor? Well, the above said comes with tweaks and significant improvements. The changes have been in design and inclusion of technicalities. The flexible blades enable multi-directional shaving with easy grip to hold on. As the device is cordless, it can be used portably with a long lasting 90 minutes of battery in a single charge.

Coming to its design, it is an innovative and attractive one with quality Pitbull head shaver strong blades that offers durability. Interestingly, the device is suitable both for dry and wet saving as installed with a shock preventive mechanism. The special addition to the feature list includes cordless charging, excellent battery life, LED indicator indicating function modes, easy to work when plugged in and shave mode.


  • Has extremely sharp blades for precision of cut

  • Comes with ergonomic design

  • Easy control and powerful to use


  • Not a perfect pick for long hair

4. Remington HC4250 Shortcut Pro Self-Haircut Kit, Beard Trimmer, Hair Clippers for Men

Not all electric razors have the right design and construction for ease of usage. Only when it fits your palm comfortably you can reach the back of your head and get the desired cut at home. This is what you can get when you buy the above said one. It gives the ultimate precision of cut, nothing less than a professional barber.

As it is less in weight with small sized yet efficient blades, it is wrapped in an attractive ergonomic design that fits well in the palm. It just requires a few sweeps to shave as installed with quality and fast cutting blades. Installed with adjusting combs of nine different lengths, you can get the perfect styling with the help of this razor.

So, when accessibility is priority over power, this would be your perfect pick as the best electric head shaver.


  • Handle has a rubber coating for a comfortable grip

  • It has an ergonomic and compact design

  • It has wide and stainless steel blades for easy cut

  • It offers a great cutting option


  • It requires frequent charging as battery life is less

5. Philips Norelco QC5580 Diy Hair Clipper and Balder

The combination of premium quality blades made from stainless steel and the sharpness gives precision of cut and shaving. If this is what you require and an easy hair shaving and cleaning solution at home, it is none other than the above said item. When looking for a versatile and easy to use shaving device with several features to use, this option offered by Philips is correct to invest for.

The innovative rotational head design makes it easy to reach the difficult areas at the back of your head. With some simple adjustments, you can get the ideal shape of the haircut. Move the blade in the appropriate position to get the desired trimming result. However, the adjustability and other features make it a versatile option and hassle-free when you have to tackle the long hair length.


  • Easy 180 rotational access offers easy cut

  • 14 different hair cutting lengths

  • Perfect for shaving on hair and face


  • It is not easy to get a smooth finish

6. Panasonic Hybrid Wet Dry Cordless Shaver

If you are searching for an all-purpose shaving unit that can be used for face and head, it is the above said cordless shaving razor from Panasonic. It comes with three blade options facilitating both dry and wet foil shaving options. As installed with MicroArc technology, it enables close shaving with excellent level of accuracy.

The comb attached to the razor can be used in five different settings that enable you to use the razor as a trimmer and get the desired professional result at home. It has 2 adjustable trim attachments. With a foil shaver, it prevents irritation even when you are using your head for a smooth cut. For a complete bald look, this is the best bald head shaver you can swear on.


  • It is a well-design and compact item

  • It can be easily cleaned in quick time

  • It is installed with a versatile razor option


  • Battery durability could have been better

7. Wahl Professional 5-Star Balding Clipper

When barbers and stylists are in search of a balding clipper, only a professional item can help them get the desired result. To have this, the above said from Wahl is the one that is installed with quality clippers that give a smooth finish. It is on the expensive range but gives professional finish in cutting.

It is highly recommended for stylists and barbers. Installed with five sharp blades, it rotates at a 30-degree angle with ease of cut and gets the desired result. It is fast and efficient with multiple cuttings per minute. The quality blade glides in easily. Moreover, as it is installed with 5 blades, it gives a perfect result.


  • It has a high performing motor for better results

  • It is installed with sharp and hypoallergenic blades

  • It has easy charging dock station

  • Easy accessibility and cleaning process


  • It is on the pricey range

8. Andis 17150 Pro Foil Lithium Titanium Foil Shaver

Are you looking for a blade with close and accurate shave? The Andis foil lithium shave is a suitable option to pick. As installed with a lithium-ion battery, it gives great power and durability. It is lightweight with a compact design that makes it portable and a perfect pick if you travel with such electronic devices frequently.

As beginners are in search of an efficient and reliable option, it is none other than the above said one. Even the clippers are lightweight one and work smoothly on your scalp. Installed with simple features, this lightweight version of electric razor will be a good addition for professional and beginners alike.

The quality foil makes it easy to get the perfect result in quick time. Note that you cannot call the Andis 17150 a dedicated electric shaver. You can also use the Andis 17150 in trimming your beard. But to be precise, the Andis 17150 can provide you with close shaves along with excellent battery life.

Interestingly, you can also use the Andis 17150 as a face shaver. So it is a versatile shaver cum trimmer which would be useful in your everyday life. This shaver has the ability to cut the hair at skin level. In case you don’t know, the Andis 17150 was popularly known for finishing fades and eliminating the occasional stubble.

Another highlighting aspect of the Andis 17150 is that you get to avail corded and cordless operation in a single shaver. Well, this is quite phenomenal as you would hardly find shavers which come with dual power mode. But there is one big drawback of the Andis 17150. It is not fully waterproof which can be detrimental in case you dip it in water accidentally.

The boxy and vintage design of the Andis 17150 is nothing to boast about. Though light, the body type is not ergonomically ideal for users. But if you want a shaver cum trimmer with great and versatile features, the Andis 17150 should be your best bet. Also, it doesn’t come with a travel lock which can be a bit of a letdown.


  • Weighing 3.2oz, this is a lightweight one

  • With quality hypoallergenic foil, it helps in close shave

  • Perfect to be used for sensitive skin


  • It can be used only for dry shaving

9. Conair for Men Even Cut Dual Blade Multi-Directional Cutting System Professional Cordless

When using an electric razor the first time, it is better to get a one with easy comb guides. It is none other than the above said one. The accuracy of the result is the USP of the product and it is perfect for the beginners. You need not struggle to shave the flat hair in the challenging area around the neck and at the back of your head.

With its perfect and smooth finish on your head, it is perfect to use. On a single full charge of 3 hours, it offers an extended battery life of 60 minutes. As it is a cordless option, it is easy to be used anywhere you want. With easy grip, get the perfect shave now with this electric razor. Both for bald shaving and short hair styling, this can be the correct pick.

If not the best shaving results, one can get easy and quick results. The undercuts, buzz cuts, helps to get perfect results. For easy multidirectional cutting, this can be the perfect pick.


  • Installed with dual blades enables easy moving in different directions

  • It has comb guides with easy styling options

  • Design and features make it easy to use


  • It fails to deliver précised result

10. Braun Electric Razor for Men, Series 9 9370cc

Nothing can be like investing for an efficient electric razor in just a few strokes. With extra battery power, the machine is perfect for both wet and dry conditions. Properly tested by the skin and health department, this is one of the recommended options for beginners and professionals. It is perfect and gentle on your scalp and glides easily without problems of irritation.

Even though it vibrates when moving it backward and forward, there is hardly any vibration sensation. It is installed with 5 shaving elements that are perfect to get the desired cut. Though it is expensive, it is worthy for the latest features it offers. To be frank, the Series 9 9370cc is Braun’s most expensive and highest-end shaver.

Quite impressively, this shaver has the ability to read the hair pattern in your scalp and automatically adjusts its power. If you want a clean shave without zero fuss, then this is the shaver you should rely on. What’s more, the Series 9 9370cc is always water-resistant under any kind of situation.

So even if you dip in water accidentally, there are no risks associated in damaging it. Both the blades and the body of the shaver are coated in Titanium which exudes practicality. Like all other Braun shavers, the Series 9 9370cc also comes equipped with a travel lock feature. In other words, it wouldn’t be activated accidentally when stored in your luggage.

In addition to having an advanced shaver head, the Series 9 9370cc boasts of the SyncroSonic technology. This enables the shaver to read the density of the hair in your scalp 160 times per minute. Moreover, it also comes with 10 directional motions in the head shaving department which is revolutionary.


  • The trimmer comes with sleek design and comfortable to use

  • It is the ideal option or sensitive skin with close shaving options

  • It has the perfect mechanism to clean, lubricate and charge in between sessions


  • It is bit on the pricey range

Buying Guide- Things to Consider while buying an Electric Shaver

Well, as you can see, it’s quite an effort to buy the perfect electric shaver for your head. With so many options out there, buyers usually tend to get confused while buying an electric shaver. Your head is unique and thus you have to opt for a shaver which would provide you with a smooth trimming and shaving option.

What’s more, you should first assess your requirements while buying an electric shaver. The length of your hair also plays a detrimental role in the selection process of the best electric shaver. So here are some basic aspects you can consider while buying the best electric shaver for head.

Corded Or Powered by Battery


Well, the debate surrounding corded vs. cordless has been existent since long. To be frank, both styles of these shavers have their fair share of advantages as well as disadvantages. When the context is about selecting a corded or non-corded shaver, the place where you shave would be important.

For instance, if you shave in the washroom, it is unlikely you would find an electric socket nearby. In these types of situations, a battery-powered shaver should be your go-to option. Interestingly, if you are someone who has a separate grooming room with various amenities, then you should go for corded shavers. Note that corded shavers have less maintenance issues when compared to the cordless ones.

Weight of the electric shaver

While shaving your scalp, it is quite normal that you would want an electric shaver which would provide flexibility. The last thing you would want is a shaver which weighs quite a bit. If the shaver is weighty, your hands would feel tired in quick succession.

And if you are not feeling comfortable with the shaver, you are likely to rush through the proceedings. This can have a detrimental impact on your hairstyle. What’s worse, if the shaver weighs too much, it can be dangerous for your scalp. Any slight lapse in concentration can result in cuts.


Grooming essentials like electric shavers should have an overall ergonomic body so that you grip them properly. And when the shaver feels good in your hand, you can control its movements easily.

Remember that while you are shaving your head, there is no one to help you. You have to make your own judgments and move your hand carefully to shave the head. A head shaver that is intuitive and easy-to-control should be your preferred choice.


To be precise, this is another important factor you should consider while buying an electric shaver. Most often we tend to dip the shaver in a water container only to worsen its overall condition. Note that waterproof electric shavers are a little bit costly.

However, considering the amount of utility you will get would help you through the rigors of head shaving. Note that a majority of corded shavers are water-resistant which exudes practicality. As cordless shavers have built-in batteries, making them 100% water-resistant is not possible.

Dedicated Head Shavers

If you are serious about shaving your head, you should opt for dedicated head shavers. This is because dedicated head shavers would help you avail the desired results. These shavers have stronger blades when compared to basic trimmers.

On the other hand, these blades are quite durable on the longer run too. You can also opt for shavers which have 4 to 5 rotary heads. This ensures the proper shaving of your scalp without any issues.


Considering all the options we mentioned in our list of the best electric shaver for head, we would recommend you go for Wahl Professional 5 Star Series Finale since it has a really great build quality and also performs the job really smoothly. In the end, it also depends a lot on the options you are looking for and that’s where our buying guide shall help you.