10 Best Electric Razors for Teenage Girls in 2020 (REVIEWED)

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Having a hairless smooth and butter-soft skin is a dream for every girl. However, it is really difficult to keep your body hair-free. Using products like hot-wax could be a painful experience which worries a lot of teenage girls. However, there are always easier inventions that could give you clear and smooth skin in a jiffy with no pain. Yes, we are talking about the electric razors that are miraculous gifts to teenage girls. 

Here is a list of the top 10 best electric razors for teenage girls. You can now walk with confidence in your knee-length skirts without being embarrassed about your hairy legs.

Philips Norelco S8950/91 Shaver 8900

Philips is known extensively for its wide range of electric razors and the Philips Norelco is just one on the list. Philips Norelco is designed exclusively to work with absolute perfection even in the curves. You can use it with ease to experience a uniformly soft skin. Be it wet or dry shaving, you can use it easily. The device is cordless and hence enables maximum portability and flexibility in using. 

The V track blades and contour detect technology in the razor helps you get a perfect and clean shave every time. The smart click option helps you avoid irritation after the shave. The entire razor is automatic and helps you enjoy a shave anywhere and at any time. All you need is the Philips Norelco and Lithium-ion batteries to operate the razor. Say goodbye to twisted cords that leave you confined within the limits of the cord.


  • Fully automatic
  • Runs on Lithium-Ion Batteries
  • LED Power indicator to check the battery level
  • Smooth shaving with the V track blades
  • Cordless and ensures maximum portability


  • High Priced
Braun electric razor Series S3

The next on our list is the Braun Electric Razor which is yet another easy to operate cordless razor. The best part is that this razor is waterproof and so you can use it for a wet or dry shave with ease. Use it at your comfort in the shower or use a foaming gel to remove unwanted hair. The razor has specialised micro combs that work with absolute perfection even in the minute areas capturing more hair in each stroke. 

This makes sure your skin turns soft and buttery is just a few strokes. The Braun electric razor runs on rechargeable NiMH batteries. You can now carry your razor and use it at your comfort to say goodbye to your overgrown hairs.


  • Easy to operate
  • Works on rechargeable batteries
  • Microcombs for a better shaving experience
  • Cordless and portable


  • It does not have a pivoting head and hence you need to be careful with the angle of shaving
Panasonic Electric Shaver and Trimmer

The Panasonic Electric shaver and trimmer is ideal for teenagers. It comes with 3 Ultra-sharp nanotech blades that work with absolute perfection to give you a smooth and stubble-free skin. An ultra-thin arc foil follow gives a perfect shave close to your skin. You can use this trimmer either in the shower or you can also use it for a dry shave. 

The flexible pivoting head ensures that you don’t have to worry too much on the angle in which you shave. Just run the razor on your skin and enjoy the magic of Panasonic Electric Shaver. The motor in the shaver is designed to ensure 13,000 cuts per minute and works until the battery drains out with the same efficiency. 

The LCD battery indicator warns you on the recharge of your battery. There is also a sonic vibration mode, exclusively meant for the removal of stubbles from your skin. The device is travel-friendly and you can carry them wherever you go, to keep your skin fresh and smooth.


  • Portable and travel friendly
  • Linear motor for a fine and smooth cut
  • LCD indicator to warn on the battery levels
  • Suitable for dry as well as a wet shave


  • Cleaning the blades of this razor is quite difficult when compared to the others
Remington foil shaver

The Remington shaver works on different modes to give you a clean and perfect shave. The intercept shaving technology performs a pre-trim to eliminate all the long hairs. The trimmer is highly flexible with its pivot head that stays close to the skin for a perfect shave. 

The foil shaver runs on rechargeable batteries with a run-time of 60 minutes. The trimmer is cordless and is highly portable and ideal for travel. There is also a pop-up detail trimmer that ensures a perfect finishing touch to the trimming. It takes no more than a minute to clean the apparatus under a running faucet.


  • Easy to handle with the Pivot and flexible head
  • Intercept shaving to remove long hairs
  • Pop-up trimmer for a fine end-shave
  • 60 minutes run time


  • Multiple runs are required to get a perfect shave
Conair Satiny Smooth ladies groomer

Conair is an all-in-one tool that any teen girl would love. You can use it to trim and shape eyebrows or shave your legs and underarms and even for touching-up. Say goodbye to painful and irritating shaving or waxing experiences. The device is portable and ideal for travel.

The device is ideal for both wet as well as dry shaving. The design of this razor is curvy in such a way that it offers comfort in holding and using the shaver. It comes with multiple attachments and can be used for most grooming purposes. The razor comes with a charging station that also acts as a holder to keep your device in place when not in use. 


  • Ideal for both wet and dry shaving
  • Cordless and easy to charge
  • Attachments for multiple grooming purposes
  • Sleek design


  • Battery life is low when compared to the other products
Philips Satinshave

Philip Satinshave is designed with absolute care that works fine for women with even sensitive skin. The pearl tip trimmers make sure that you don’t face problems due to irritation because of the shave. It is designed in such a way that this razor is ideal for shaving legs, knees, ankles and underarms. The Philips Satinshave works just fine in both wet as well as dry conditions.

 The device works on rechargeable Lithium-ion batteries that run cordless for an hour. This is ideally sufficient for 3 shaves. The razor comes with 4 different attachments and is fully portable and ideal for carrying during travel.


  • Irritation free shaving experience
  • Cordless and easy to use
  • Attachments for the better shaving experience
  • Ideal razor for travel


  • The charging time is high which is quite a discomfort to most users
Brori Electric Razor for Women

Top safety razor for teenagers, The Brori electric razor is fully water-proof and you can use it either in the shower or you can also use it dry. The fast recharge time of 90 minutes makes it easy to charge and use at all times. In case your battery has drained out, you can always plug it and use it directly on power. The device comes with three different razors inclined at 27 degrees that gives you a close to skin trimming experience. 

Wherever you shave, this inclination helps you enjoy an effortless shaving experience. It also has special lubricating strips that keep your skin moisturised. Hence, this is also suitable for allergenic skin types. The best part is the LCD screen on the razor that allows you to modify the speed, operation time, battery status and recharging with ease.


  • Ideal for both wet and dry shaving
  • Immersible and waterproof
  • Easy to use with three blades and lubricating strips
  • LCD screen to monitor real-time functioning
  • Fast recharge time


  • Cleaning the razor head might be a tedious task for first-time users
 Panasonic ES-EL7A-P Women's Cordless Shaver

Panasonic ES-EL7A is a complete device designed exclusively for women. The device comes with 5 different attachments designed to give you a perfect hair removal experience. This includes the Epilator head, Gentle epilator cap, Sensitive Skin Epilator cap, shaver head with a pop-up precision trimmer and a bikini comb. 

Each of these attachments has a purpose to serve. You can now remove even the minute stubbles that cannot usually be removed by waxing with this razor. The dual disc epilation head with rotating tweezers removes even 0.5mm hairs with ease. The 90-degree pivoting head moves along your skin line removing maximum hair with very less effort. All you need to do is run the device close to your skin. 

The razor is cordless and hence is portable to use anytime and anywhere. The design of the razor is sleek, and it can be used both for dry as well as wet shaving. Additional advantages include the grip and sleek design for a better hold, variable speed settings, cleaning brush to clean your device after use and a travel pouch to carry the device.


  • Complete solution with 5 different attachments
  • Easy to use and cordless
  • Removes stubbles and even minute hairs with ease
  • Cleaning brush to clean your device after use


  • Pricing is quite high
Remington WDF5030A Smooth & Silky Electric Shaver

Remington WDF5030A smooth and Silky Electric Shaver is ideal for all skin types. The device has 4 blades and hypoallergenic foils that trims and moves smoothly across the skin and leaves your skin soft and hair-free. The head of the razor is inclined in such a way that it works very close to the skin to remove even the minute hairs. 

The almond oil strip ensures hydration of your skin and protects it from irritation during the shave. The lift logic foils present in the razor helps in handling issues of irregular hair growth. No matter how your hair growth is, this device works clean to keep your skin hairless and smooth.


  • Inclined head for better hair removal
  • Multiple blades for a clean shave
  • Suitable for all skin types


  • Battery life is a problem in case of this device
Panasonic Electric Shaver for Women

The next one on the list of best lady shaver for teenage girls is the Panasonic electric shaver for women. The first best thing about this device is its sleek design and structure. The sharp shaving blades are lined in such a way that it gives a perfect trim even in areas that are difficult to wax. The pivoting heads are highly flexible and work all over your skin with ease. 

The pop-up trimmers help in getting a clear and smooth finish in the end. The device is ideal for wet and dry shaving. The hypo-allergenic blades are designed exclusively to avoid irritation especially in case of sensitive skin types. The shaver is washable and can be cleaned in under a minute by placing it under running water. The battery charges in 12 hours and is also suitable for travel.


  • Easy to use
  • Ideal for hypoallergenic skin types
  • Suitable for both wet and dry shaving
  • Rechargeable batteries that makes it portable for travel
  • Easy to clean


  • Charging time is quite high which is a major constraint

Buying Guide 

There are a few factors that one has to consider before buying the best electric razor for teenage girls. Especially for teens who have sensitive skin when compared to adults. Here are a few tips that will help teens choose an ideal razor for smooth skin.

1. Nature of Razor

For teens who are beginners, it is always better to buy a razor that works fine for both wet as well as dry shaves instead of just the dry ones. Because in a few cases, dry shaving might not suit a few people that can end up in skin irritation. So, it is always better to buy a device that works fine under both conditions so that the individual can try and test out which suits them the best. 

2. Ease in cleaning

The next important thing to consider is the ease of cleaning the blades after use. After shaving, the blades have to be cleaned and dried to avoid damage to the blades. For teens who are new users, cleaning might be a difficult process. Hence it is always preferable to buy devices that come with an easy cleaning mechanism. Choose a device that has a cleaning brush or a one that can be cleaned easily under running water. 

3. Pivotal head

The nature of the head of a razor also has a role to play in serving the purpose. A pivotal or flexible head ensures a better shaving when compared to the regular straight head of the razor. Choose a head that is flexible and adjusts to the contour of your skin and produces a smooth and buttery skin at the end. 

4. Charging 

The next factor to consider is the mode of charging and backup power. Choose razors that are easy to charge within a short span with a longer battery backup. It is always better to use cordless razors as they ensure maximum portability. With cordless razors, you can sit in the comfort of our space and shave. It is more flexible and portable and hence is ideal for teens who are new users. 

5. Blade replacement 

Replacing blades in trimmers and razors could be a tedious task in the case of a few devices. In the case of teens, it is better to choose a device that has easy blade replacement options that makes sure that the individual can use the device without much difficulty. Look for devices that have sharp foils or blades with longer life.

6. Additional attachments 

Some razors come with a variety of attachments, each one to serve a purpose. Though not essential, these attachments could be of use. Hence it is better to pick devices that have multiple attachments. 


There are multiple options when it comes to buying the best electric razor for teenage girls. Electric razors are better when compared to hot waxes and manual razors mainly because of the ease of use and less pain and irritation. Moreover, electric razors work with perfection in smoothening your skin completely by removing even the smallest hair stubbles. 

Philips satin shave and the Panasonic electric shaver for women are ideal for beginners mainly because of the ease of use for beginners. If you are buying an electric razor for the first time, then check out the type of shaving you would be performing. It is also possible that your skin might be sensitive to dry shaves or blades. Then in such cases look for devices that come with appropriate add ons like Aloe vera or almond strips to make sure your skin is not damaged.


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