5 Ways to get Free Fire skins for free

Like other online games, Free Fire gamers can also arrange their characters based on clothes and other accessories. This activity is quite fun and can be used to mark the character you have. Gamers can learn various ways to get free clothes on Free Fire permanently.

Actually, in Free Fire players can have new clothes for characters that are obtained by buying Diamonds. However, this activity can actually cost you a lot of money. Apart from buying Diamonds, here’s how to get free clothes for Free Fire characters that you can try:

1. Login to Account Regularly

Having permanent clothes for Free Fire characters is actually not too difficult. One way to get free clothes on Free Fire can be done by simply logging into your own account regularly. Of course, this method can be done anytime, as long as the smartphone used is connected to the internet.

When gamers successfully log in regularly, they have the opportunity to get a Silver Crate which includes parachutes, t-shirts, pants, shoes, and other accessories. The gift package allows gamers to collect new clothes. Of course this method can be run without requiring the purchase of Diamonds.

2. Diligently Play Free Fire to Get Daily Rewards

Playing Free Fire every day and successfully winning the match can generate bonuses for gamers. The bonus or reward given is in the form of several items that can be used by characters. Starting from coins, pants, bags, clothes, packs, and much more.

These rewards can be obtained for 30 consecutive days, so the opportunity to get free clothes is so great. This method is certainly quite easy and fun to do. At least if you don’t get clothes or skins, gamers can still get other rewards.

3. Follow the Event

If gamers often pay attention to Free Fire, of course, they will find various events held in it. This event can be followed by every gamer to get various items. One of them is in the form of clothes or skins that can be obtained for free.

To find out the latest events on Free Fire, Garena usually announces them through game notifications and social media. In the event, gamers will be asked to carry out certain missions in order to successfully get the FF redeem code. Then the code can be exchanged for an event coupon.

At the event, gamers can take part in the Diamond Mission where the developer often distributes bonuses for the winners. The prizes that can be obtained are jackets, parachutes, clothes, and other items depending on the developer. To get it, gamers must play seriously in order to be a winner.

4. Install Money Making Apps

In addition to how to get free clothes on Free Fire as described above, gamers can also install other applications. As is known, buying new clothes or skins is generally done by purchasing diamonds. Currently there are several applications that help gamers get free Free Fire diamonds.

Some examples of applications that provide rewards in the form of coins are Baca Plus, Yougov, Wesing, and many more. The application offers interesting and fun missions for gamers. Starting from filling out surveys, watching videos, reading articles, and so on.

The reward that will be given by the developer is in the form of coins or money which can later be exchanged into Free Fire diamonds. The application is classified as safe and can be downloaded on the Play Store. Because it’s official, gamers don’t have to worry about the Free Fire account getting banned.

In addition to money-making applications, a number of games also offer rewards in the form of Free Fire diamonds. Call it Cashpop which is an official online game application and is available on the Play Store. Gamers only need to do missions in Cashpop to get points, then exchange all points for Free Fire diamonds.

After the diamonds are collected, gamers can choose the clothes or skins they want for the Free Fire characters. Not only is it able to produce Free Fire diamonds, but Cashpop also provides rewards in the form of credit, data packages, and other profitable prizes. Gamers can start installing Cashpop and complete game missions.

5. Ikuti Giveaway Skin Free Fire

How to get safe and free diamonds can be done by participating in a giveaway. As is known, Free Fire is booming in the country so many public figures are holding giveaways through the game. Such as giveaways held by YouTubers, esports teams, pro players, to e-commerce.

The ability to play Free Fire can also be used to participate in tournaments. Not infrequently the organizers prepare rewards in the form of money, diamonds, to skins. From this activity, gamers can hone their skills and get free clothes when they win a tournament.

Skins or clothes are important items that every Free Fire gamer must have. Because, with a cool skin, it will add impressive value in the eyes of other gamers. The guide on how to get free clothes on Free Fire as explained above can be used as a reference for gamers.