5 Steps To Protect Your Business from a Las Vegas Personal Injury Lawsuit 

A personal injury lawsuit can significantly impact your business in Las Vegas, Nevada in a variety of costly ways. Whether you’ve owned a grocery store for years or recently acquired a coffee shop, protecting your business from a personal injury lawsuit is essential. Doing so can help you avoid expensive litigation and losing the business you’ve worked so hard to own. 

In addition to following the below steps to protect your business from a lawsuit, it is also crucial to get help from a personal injury attorney in Las Vegas. 

1. Keep Your Premises Safe 

If you fail to keep your premises safe, customers and workers are bound to get injured. This can lead to extensive damages for medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering. If a customer trips on uneven flooring in a boutique dressing room and suffers a traumatic brain injury, the owner can be held liable. Make the necessary repairs to keep your premises safe and yourself free from litigation. 

2. Inspect for Hazardous Conditions

The only way to know your business in Las Vegas is safe is to inspect it. Conduct regular inspections by walking through your business to spot hazardous conditions. 

If you notice an item about to fall from a high shelf or a pipe burst in the restroom, you can take the necessary steps to remedy it. This may include moving heavy objects to a different aisle of the store or calling a plumber to fix a broken pipe. If you don’t look for potentially dangerous circumstances, you may miss them, and injuries can result.    

3. Warn About Dangers

After inspecting your business for hazardous conditions, you should correct any issues you discover. This may include mopping up a spilled drink at your juice bar or closing a fitting room after a mirror breaks. If you cannot clean up the spill or block off the hazard, you must warn your clients about the dangerous conditions. 

Failing to warn your clientele about hazardous conditions at your business can result in catastrophic injuries and a subsequent Las Vegas personal injury lawsuit. 

4. Create an Incident Report in Las Vegas

Someone may slip on spilled water at the gym, feel fine, and continue with their spin class. However, it is possible that symptoms may take time to develop and worsen. 

Documenting what occurs at the accident scene can help protect your business and provide a vital record to be used later. Even if a patron insists that they’re fine, make an incident report, take photos of the scene, and obtain witness statements if applicable. 

You should also alert law enforcement and request medical assistance if a serious injury is sustained at your business. Doing so can help keep everyone safe and protect your business if the customer later initiates a Las Vegas personal injury claim. 

5. Do Not Admit Fault 

If a customer is injured at your business in Las Vegas, Nevada, it may be a natural reaction to apologize for their injuries occurring. However, you should never admit fault after an injury is sustained. Do not discuss your fault at the accident scene. It is possible that the customer was also negligent and at fault for the accident, and your business may not be liable. 

Even when you have the best of intentions, an admission of fault can be used against you in a potential personal injury lawsuit. Avoid saying “I’m sorry,” and choose your words wisely after a patron is injured.  

Consult a Las Vegas Personal Injury Lawyer To Protect Your Business from a Lawsuit

Your Las Vegas personal injury attorney will conduct a thorough investigation into what caused the accident and devise a strategy with your best interests in mind. Don’t leave the welfare of your business up to chance. Protect your business by hiring an attorney when facing a potential personal injury lawsuit.