5 of the best application development companies you need to know

App development is becoming more and more popular all over the world. Nowadays most of the people take their mobile when they want to check any information on the Internet.

That’s why there are countless apps available for everything from shopping, gaming, ticket booking, bill paying, money transfers, pretty much anything you can think of.

Through studies carried out, it has been shown that most of the Google searches are currently carried out through smartphones. The number is really important and impressive, which is why exponential growth is observed in the mobile industry.

Many new companies and many industries around the world have implemented the Apps to improve the visibility of their business and attract more customers to the companies.


TekRevol develop applications that solve the challenges of any business to increase its performance, which is why TekRevol express that: “we are the best app development company since we help build a brand from scratch. 10 years of experience allow us to obtain greater visibility in addition to better interaction, which will help retain those much-needed leads. Above all, we always take into account all the ideas that you can offer us to create that app that you had imagined so much.”

Another characteristic that distinguishes them is that they offer the best application development service in all over the world, no matter where you are located, they offer you the most up-to-date in terms of designs and trends.


In Inventive Works they are in charge of analyzing and carrying out the respective design of apps for companies, both for mobile phones and tablets. In addition to that, it is a company that stands out for providing services as a consultant in the development and design of apps; you can also hire .net development team for your ongoing project. In charge of the development of apps for companies, Cybercraft has created successful projects that increase the benefits for its clients. This company located in United States, allows to improve management processes through an app, examples of these are the management of catalogs, sales, inventories, among others.


Outliant is located in Austin, Texas and has a studio where they make the respective designs, digital magazines, web pages, and even dynamic videos. They have a philosophy where the protagonists are: design, passion and a touch of madness, which gives originality to each project they carry out and is precisely why it is so popular.


At Materialize they created their own work method, they are based on compliance with FEEP, which means: Foresee, Engage, Empower, Protect, that is, their objective is to anticipate and explore new work techniques to promote the relationship and interaction between the user and the app, protecting at all times the data provided by its customers.


NeoAttack is in charge of application development, also including Online Marketing services. They always take into account four reasons to offer quality of service during the development of apps, these are: innovation, utility, adaptation and finally monitoring.

Origami Studios 

It is located in New Jersey and in addition to offering app development to companies, Origami Studios offers consulting and marketing services, among others. Among the applications that it currently has, there are numerous based on hospitality, tourism and restaurant aimed at increasing popularity in New Jersey.