Tips for Choosing a Lawyer Specializing in Immigration Law

The immigration attorneys at Ranchod Law Group have helped thousands of clients in Sacramento and Stockton, and across the country, live and work in the United States. Our main focus is unifying families, as well as connecting companies with qualified employees from abroad. We stay abreast of the latest developments in immigration law and work with both individuals and employers. As a result of our extensive legal reporting, we have a very high success rate – the majority of cases we take are approved! *

How do I find an immigration lawyer?

The US immigration system can be challenging. For people with more complex cases, including applicants with criminal histories or immigration offenses, we recommend the assistance of an immigration attorney. And we want to help you find an immigration lawyer.

Look for the experience

Immigration law is one of the most complex areas of law. It is therefore even more important to find someone with experience. Beware of lawyers who practice law in several areas (such as personal injury, business, real estate, etc.). Look for a licensed attorney who focuses on immigration law. Generally, you will need to find someone with at least five years of experience, preferably in cases similar to yours. For example, if you are applying for asylum, find an immigration lawyer who has a lot of experience in asylum cases.

Ask family and friends based in the US if they know of a good immigration lawyer. Advocacy groups or other community organizations that specialize in certain areas may also have links to local lawyers they could recommend. These days, many lawyers have online reviews and comments that make their evaluation easier.

Poll your favorites

This is an opportunity for you to ask questions and determine if you are comfortable with the style of lawyer being considered. It’s also important to make sure your needs match the lawyer’s expertise. Call each lawyer’s office and explain your need. Ask to meet the lawyer, at least by Skype for example, so that you can ask him questions and make a decision.

The truth is, you may have to pay for the time you spend with the lawyer as an initial consultation. Although there are attorneys who offer a free initial consultation, many qualified attorneys will charge a reasonable fee to speak for half an hour or an hour.

Choose a lawyer you trust. Determine if he is doing a good job by answering your questions in a way you understand. You should be sure that the lawyer will fight for you. This includes staff. A lawyer’s staff will do much of the work. Ask questions about their level of experience. Do they call you back quickly and make you feel appreciated?

Are there any questions :

  • Do you have experience with cases similar to mine?
  • How long have you been practicing immigration law?
  • How are you going to approach my case?
  • Who else can help you with my case?
  • How will you be accessible (email/telephone/appointment)?
  • Do you have a list of client references that I can call?

Compare rates

Lawyers have different fee schedules and different expectations of how fees are reimbursed. Make sure you understand if your lawyer charges a fixed or hourly fee. Although no one wants to pay for the most expensive lawyer, finding the cheapest lawyer is probably not a good strategy.

Are there any questions :

  • Do you charge an hourly rate or a flat rate?
  • Will I be responsible for other costs such as postage, courier and printing costs?
  • When will payments be due?

Verify credentials

Quickly check the lawyer’s background to make sure they are licensed and in good standing, or if they have ever been disciplined. There is no cost. Most state bar associations allow you to search for the attorney by name or bar number online.