Epilation v/s Waxing: Which is The Best For Hair Removal?

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Up until epilators were invented, waxing was considered to be the most full proof way of removing hair from the body. But ever since they came into the picture, the whole hair removal game has been changed. So if you too have been under this dilemma for a long time, look no further. Let’s crack the code and find out which method turns out to be the most efficient.

The Process

If you’re new to these terms, it is essential to first know the technique behind both.

Waxing essentially consists of a hot or cold wax which is a sticky material to be applied on the area with hair. It is applied in the direction of the hair so that they sticks to the body. A wax strip is then placed over it and secured properly by gently patting your hand over it. It is then pulled out by taking hold of the lower end of the strip and pulling it off in the opposite direction to the application of the wax. The hair get stuck in the sticky wax and come off on the strip along with the wax from that body part.

Epilation vs Waxing

An epilator on the other hand is an electronic device which can be corded, chargeable or battery operated. In simple terms, it consists of a large number of tiny tweezers (usually between 20 to 40 for arms and legs) that simultaneously pluck out individual hairs from the skin. It can be run over the body part where epilation is required to get rid of the hair.


Waxing mostly involves a wax that first needs to be heated before applying. Although cold waxes are available in the market, they are slightly less effective than the hot ones. Depending on the area that needs to be waxed, some people can do it on their own but mostly the help of another person is required. Because of its messy nature, people mostly prefer to get it done professionally at a parlour which generally requires a prior appointment.

Epilation on the other hand is a much more convenient option since it can be done without any help and at home. It can mostly be done wet or dry depending upon the person’s preference and whichever way it feels more comfortable. It saves up a lot of time since it does not require an appointment and can even be done on the go or taken with you while traveling.


Both waxing and epilation involve removal of hair from the root. Since wax is quite sticky, sometimes when the hair is not long enough, it does not get in the wax and either breaks off or does not come out. So in order to have an efficient wax, you need to wait for the hair to grow to a certain length before you decide to take it out. When done properly, a waxing lasts anywhere between 3 to 6 weeks depending on person to person. It also removes the dead skin along with the hair and hence leaves the skin feeling smooth and silky.

waxing vs epilation

While epilating, individual hair is plucked out from the skin. It also lasts about the same time as waxing, but unlike waxing, you don’t have to wait out for a certain time period before epilating. You can run it over your skin as soon as you see tiny hairs appearing. Most epilators can take out hair as short as 0.5 mm though it does not take out any dead skin so it is recommended that you exfoliate your skin first.


A box of wax in itself is pretty inexpensive. You might require a wax heater along with it but altogether, waxing can be pretty pocket friendly if you do it on your own at home. But if you decide to get it done at a salon, the cost is going to add up. Depending on how often you need to get waxing done, it might turn out to be a bit expensive.

While purchasing an epilator, you need to decide your budget. Whether you are a beginner and want something simple and basic, or have been doing it for long and want something advanced with all the attachments.

A good quality epilator with various add-ons can be quite expensive. But considering it’s just a one-time investment, it makes sense to spend your money on something that is going to last you well. So the cost difference between waxing and epilation will really depend on your personal preference.


When it comes to pain, it simply depends on the quality of your hair and your personal tolerance to pain. Both epilation and waxing work on removing your hair from the roots and hence are not painless procedures. It just depends to which method you find more comfortable.

The Verdict

Considering all the above factors, epilators definitely seem to have an upper hand over waxing. They are hassle free and can be used without anyone’s help. They are travel friendly and let you remove hair as per your convenience whenever you desire. The cost factor is a personal preference and depends on whether you do it yourself or prefer a professional to do it for you. Pain wise, they land up on a draw.

Hence, if you are a wax person and have never given epilation a go, we suggest you to try it soon and feel the difference for yourself. You can also check out our epilator buying guide to look for the best models in the market or find more information about epilating.


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